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Eco Education on the theme "The Environment,My Responsibility"

It was an opportunity to speak to the Church of Pentecost,James Dadzie Assembly at Adiembra in Kumasi as part of the Enviromental Care Campaign (ECC).

I highlighted on Environmental Sustainability and Climate Change.I had to further explain Climate change and how we can mitigate it in our small way.The participants were very interested when i touched on Sanitation and the quality of air around.

Our tree planting project as Eco Warriors were introduced to the church and they welcomed the initiative supported by Green Stewardship International.

Choked gutters and the stench is really a major challenge around the community and the surrounding towns.

We need to protect the environment as we are Stewards of it.


Futures of Education: UNESCO Chairs and UNITWIN Network’s curated input to the International Commission

UNESCO has launched a global conversation on how knowledge, education and learning need to be reimagined in a world of increasing complexity, uncertainly and precarity.



Which countries have the smartest kids? | World Economic Forum

Kids in Estonia are perfoming among the best in the world. Why ?

Standard test for 15 year olds are the best in Europe.They are positioned as 4th in the world of science,5th and 8th for reading and mathematics respectively.

1.Estonia expects high standards from every Child with resources available to succeed and books,transport and lunch are free.

There has been construtction of new efficient building with fewer resources in the long term.

Teachers salaries are on increasing pedestal to attract smart candidates.Irrespective of the structure and size of the community be it rural,urban,small or big the expectation to achieve the best is the priority.The family background has less impact on students achievements or school results with the link between thei socioeconomic status and reading skills weaker than the OECD average.

2.Teachers have autonomy

Teacher determine their own methodology as long as it is they stick to the curriculum.The government employs teacher with masters degree only.

3.Estonia digital technology fast

According to TES,they were among the first countries to integrate digital skills into the curriculum.It is projected that in 2020,every school in Estonia mush be able to teach using only digital learning materials.

World Economic Forum as how could schools in improve in the country?


Compiled by Maxwell Beganim.

Jenny AndersonSenior Correspondent, Quartz - Atlantic Media

Amanda ShendrukVisual Journalist, The Things Team, Quartz



Afican App Launchpad Ghana Ambassador 2019

I had the opportunity to partner with an initiative in Ghana ,and was nominated as the ambassador for the efforts in enrolling people to for the scholarship opportunity for Africans in App and Game Development.

Enrolling over 100 participants enrolling in different courses.

There is an ecosystem of Techpreneurs and the future of Africa hinges on how efficient we are in solving problem peculiar to us.This is also an avenue to upskill for the jobs and econimic indepence in Africa.


Software Freedom Day 2019

Software Freedom day was a day to present the consept of OERs there were novel to many in attendace.This is a a major concern for advocates to effectively deliver to widen our base.I believe we need to let people comprehend the future of OERs and its disruptiveness to the old educational systems particularly in Africa.

Looking forward to dive deeper into OERs for Software Freedom Day 2020. 

Wikimedia and OERs training with Junior Chamber International Garden City.

I honored an invitation to train members of Junior Chamber International Garden City,Kumasi on the importance of Open Educational Resources.The training focused on Wikimedia projects like Wikimedia Commons,Wikitionary ,Wikidata and Wikipedia.

The meeting was an Officers Training Seminar aimed at equipping new and old members with skills to be active citizens as part of their designed famework.

Members were willing to organize a follow up session in order to understand the diversity of OERs and how they could contribute within their own space.

Maxwell Beganim Selected for Wikimedia Education Greenhouse Project.

Maxwell Beganim,popularly called Max Beg is an educationist ,Entrepreneur and Co-founder of International Model Diplomats for Integrated Development (IMDID).He is a conference facilitator and an expert in Higher Education Pedagogy.

Star Ambassador announced for 2018/2019 Summer Open School Group

Last years edition saw the launch of the were outstanding participants in the given year group through reporting and contributions is selected and awarded a year after the program and branded as a “Star Ambassador”.

The SOS18 Ambassador has organised Wikipedia trainings through peer to peer meet-up approaches to keep up to date on their contributions and how to better contribute to improving the Open Movement, held trainings in Sunyani and shared initiatives to further grow the community which is being implemented.

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