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Maxwell is a Tech Enthusiast, Educationist and Virtual tutor for Educational Technology. He co-founds three not-for-profit organizations which focus on youth capacity building, mentorship and leadership. Maxwell is also a biologist and environmentalist who works passionately towards the SDGs and Agenda 2063. He believes strongly in the greater good and inclusivity of all humans regardless of their religion, race or gender.

Education/News/February 2020/Featured education community member of February 2020 - Outreach Wiki

This month's nomination comes from Joris Darlington, who introduces us to Maxwell Beganim:

Maxwell Beganim hails from Ghana and contributes to Twi Wikipedia. He is currently the president of Kumasi Hub.

Maxwell has been honoured with the Star Ambassador award for his contributions to the the open movement especially on Wikipedia and it's sister projects. Maxwell and his fellow colleagues at Kumasi Wiki Hub with their enthusiasm to make impacts in some secondary schools in the Ashanti region is overwhelming. They work actively on Kiwix and provide training about it in different parts of the region.

Recently, Maxwell Beganim and a community volunteer Boakye Otuo Acheampong, visited Kumasi Academy and Konongo Odumasi SHS respectfully and had over 100 students trained on how to install and use the Kiwix to help their academic work. The students were thrilled and expressed their interest and desire to know more about Wikipedia and its sister projects. At the end of the day, the Kiwix was installed on over 20 desktop computers and 2 laptops. The student got most of their questions answered and felt furnished with the requisite skills to also train their peers on what they have learned.

These training includes introduction of Wikimedia with a focus on Wikipedia, digital information literacy its relevance and how they can harness opportunities in the open resource to enhance their academic work. And also with the help of Kiwix they are achieving to advocate for Open Education in their region.

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Author :Sailesh Patnaik