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Maxwell is a Tech Enthusiast, Educationist and Virtual tutor for Educational Technology. He co-founds three not-for-profit organizations which focus on youth capacity building, mentorship and leadership. Maxwell is also a biologist and environmentalist who works passionately towards the SDGs and Agenda 2063. He believes strongly in the greater good and inclusivity of all humans regardless of their religion, race or gender.

Post Colonial Failure of Most African States.(George Ayittey,PhD)
Going on a Journey from state A ; of under development and point B; a developed state..Going to the point of development, you need the following Vehicle,Road,Strategy and a Driver.

Most Countries had :
1.Bad Driver -Obviously (Head of state and the ruling elites)
2.Bad Vehicle - Represents the shape of State (Govenrment and state of constitution)
3.Bad Roads -Infrastructure (Education,Roads,Clean Water
4.Strategy (How fast you want to go only the state to move on the development path)
5.Angry passengers - Are the people.

(George Ayittey,PhD- Why Africa failed to develop in the Post colonial Era) emphasis mine.